Thoughts on ‘Gravity’

This post contains spoilers for the film Children of Men. As someone who has cited “Children of Men” as their second favourite film, I was thrilled to see that director Alfonso Cuaron has not lost his visual style. In particular Cuaron is known for pulling off incredibly long shots with no cuts. Children of Men […]

Thoughts on ‘Breaking Bad’ series finale

(This post contains spoilers for The Sopranos, and obviously Breaking Bad…) Having just watched the final episode of AMC’s Breaking Bad, I wonder how the ending will be remembered long term. Let me make clear that the show was brilliant; this post is about the ending, as compared with the endings of other brilliant shows. […]

Thoughts on Apple’s biometric “Touch ID”

Many of my college friends know that I’ve been pushing biometrics for quite awhile now. In early 2012 I actually convinced our fraternity house to swap out our perimeter door locks with finger print scanners. “You know those things are super easy to fool right?” Said one of the disbelievers in the house, “I can […]