I was raised on the central coast of California in a small town called Paso Robles, known primarily for its bountiful wine industry. As a kid I always enjoyed working with computers to create things that entertained my friends and family. Whether it was editing video or making a website, I grew up on computers.

I left my hometown to study Computer Science at Berkeley. This is where I developed my strict notion that all good and usable software should be seamless. Even my redstone circuits in Minecraft had to be covered up and laid out neatly and elegantly.

Personal Info



More complex interactions are best communicated through an interactive prototype. I like to use Axure.


Basic layout and UI can be explored through low-fi sketches. I like to use Balsamiq or good ol' pen & paper.


I create user personas for the product team to help keep in mind the needs of all kinds of users.


I can assist in determining what metrics should be tracked to evaluate the success of a new feature's UX.


As an Agile Certified Professional I know the ins and outs of backlog grooming, sprint planning, retros, and standups.

User Stories

As a Designer I can write user stories so that the development team has clear and concise requirements.


  • Avalon

  • AIRE Services

  • League of Legends

  • Mantis